How to Talk with Your Child about Weight

Posted on: January 14th, 2013 by Nicki

Talking to kids about weight can be a sensitive topic, no matter their age, relationship, comfort level, etc. But, if you have enrolled them in the ProActive Kids program, you should sit down and talk with them about the program and your goals – creating a healthier lifestyle for everyone in the family.  We know these conversations can be particularly hard and sometimes we “just don’t know what to say” when they ask us tough questions or share hardships they are experiencing. We are sharing a great resource with you from the STOP Obesity Alliance to help you talk with your kids about sensitive topics that may come up around weight.  I am developing a strong relationship with this group and they are seeking OUR (your help and my help) in developing tools to help kids and families who are struggling. 

We know you don’t want to say or do the wrong thing and risk alienating or hurting them. We will go through many communication lessons onsite during the program and this will be your first PAK lesson. Sit down and talk with your child about getting healthy and learning how to live a healthy lifestyle! Let them know you care about them and are doing this for them and their health. Remind them that other kids will be there to go through this with them and they will have a lot of fun, while learning a lot.

Questions about weight can be particularly difficult to answer. Parents are trying to manage feelings their child’s feelings about weight, but perhaps also trying to have a constructive conversation to address weight.

Below you will find multiple situations that you may encounter. Each topic has a guide to help you talk through the particular issue with your child. We hope these are incredibly helpful in guiding you through tough discussions!

After you read through the information, we would love to learn more about how it worked for your family and your discussions. If you could take our brief survey, we would really appreciate it!  




















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