PAK has great resources to help kids and their families learn to make better fitness and nutrition decisions which will turn into good habits and routine! Download PAK lessons and information to be proactive on a daily basis in your own home!

PAK Fitness, Lifestyle, and Nutrition Lessons

PAK PLAN lessons are designed to be a family-inclusive approach to making lifestyle changes together towards healthier eating and fitness habits. The kids and their families receive fitness, lifestyle and nutrition education, encouragement and empowerment during the PAK program.

Download PAK lessons to practice at home!

Case Studies

So many of the PAK participants have been very successful and their families are delighted to share their stories with PAK so we can share them with other families who might have the same struggles. PAK is so proud of our graduates and the great strides they have made during the program and the health smart choices they continue to make after they have completed the program.


One of the kids’ favorite activities is to create their own recipe using what they learned around Go and Slow foods.